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In my view, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used as a tool to support creative processes. The use of AI can make work easier by automating time-consuming tasks and allowing for faster implementation of ideas. AI can also be used to generate ideas and inspirations by analyzing data and information and recognizing patterns.

I like to compare the use of AI to a type of curation, where as a curator or director, you use AI to generate the best ideas and results. You give AI specific parameters and guidelines and then select from the generated results those that best fit the creative vision.

As an illustrator and designer, I see the use of AI as a way to improve and expand my work. AI can be used to perform complex calculations, create textures and patterns, or optimize color selection. However, it is also important that AI is used as a tool and does not replace the artist's creative vision. The idea and content remain the most important aspect of the work.

Overall, I think AI is a promising technology that will play an important role in the creative industry in the future. The ability to use AI as a tool to support creative processes will help artists and designers improve and expand their work.

I think it's particularly useful to use AI tools at the beginning of a creative process. For example, when developing a new concept or idea, using AI can help you come up with ideas and find inspiration faster.

By using AI tools to analyze patterns and trends in data, you can quickly come up with new ideas and discover new possibilities for a project. Using AI at the beginning of a project can also help speed up the process and shorten the time for implementation.

However, it's also important to be aware that AI tools cannot cover all aspects of the creative process. The creative vision and concept still need to come from the artist or designer. AI tools can support, but ultimately, it's the artist who delivers the ideas and creative vision.

Overall, I believe that AI tools can be very useful at the beginning of a creative process to find inspiration and discover new possibilities. But it's important to be aware that AI tools should only be used as a tool and that the creative vision still needs to come from the artist or designer.

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